Giovanni Moreno

Name:Giovanni Moreno
Team: Racing (Argentina)
Birth date: 01.07.1986
Nationality: Colombia
EU Passport: No
End of Contract: 06.2015
Estimated Yearly Wage: 250.000 €
Estimated Market Value: 5.000.000 €

Position: Offensive Midfielder/Forward - Giovanni plays regularly as a linking player between the midfield and the forwards in a 4-3-1-2 system. He can also be used as a left midfielder in a flat 4-4-2, or as a forward.

Potential (0-10): 9 - Moreno is a tremendous talent, but a rare one too. To find a spot in a more competitive European league he needs to make some tactical adaptations. The biggest risk is the time, as Moreno was only 24 when he left Colombian football to play in Argentina.

Physical description: Much of his unusual profile comes from his physical attributes. He’s a thin and very tall player (1,93m). This is much more common in centre forwards than in creative players, but Moreno makes good use of his long legs to keep the ball away from opponents. His height can also be a useful resource to a more direct ball approach. He is not a very fast player.
Technical description: Left footed and extremely gifted player. It’s Very hard to take the ball away from him, as he combines his physical qualities with an unusual ball control. He’s also a threat for his shots, both from open play or free kicks.

Tactical description: Giovanni has good movement off the ball, both dropping to collect the ball and going forward to finishing positions. His decision making is also usually good and every time the ball reaches his feet, something can be expected from him. His main problem is that the position where he usually plays hardly exists in European football and if he’s to make a further step in his career, he needs to prove he can be useful also when the team does not have the ball.

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Miralem Pjanic

Name:Miralem Pjanic
Team: Lyon (France)
Birth date: 02.04.1990
Nationality: Bosnia
EU Passport: Yes
End of Contract: 06.2013
Estimated Yearly Wage: 1.500.000 €
Estimated Market Value: 20.000.000 €

Position: Central Midfielder - Pjanic plays as a central midfielder in a 4-3-3 system at Lyon. He can play both in more defensive or offensive roles.

Potential (0-10): 10 - Pjanic´s level is already very high for his age and it´s very likely that Pjanic can develop to be one of the best midfielders of his generation.
Physical description: Physically, Pjanic is not an impressive player. He´s not very strong, nor very tall (180 cm), but has both good acceleration and enough strength to win a few physical challenges in the midfield.

Technical description: Probably his best known attribute is the accuracy of his right foot, particularly on direct and indirect free kicks. But Pjanic is much more than a terrific free kick taker. His passing is precise and creative and he is involvement in offensive play is always a menace to the opposition, being very hard to stop his quick and short movements when on the ball.

Tactical description: If technically Pjanic is remarkable player, his understanding of the game is also worth to mention. Defensively he has a good working capacity, both in attitude and positioning. Offensively, he shows good awareness on off the ball movements, especially on the flanks. With his age, he still has good margin of progress in all areas of his game, and being an intelligent and gifted player, is only to expect that Pjanic can develop also in his comprehension of the game.

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Team: Monaco (France)
Birth date: 19.07.1981
Nationality: Brazil
EU Passport: Yes
End of Contract: 06.2011
Estimated Yearly Wage: 1.500.000 €
Estimated Market Value: 4.000.000 €

Position: Left winger / midfielder - Nene plays as a left winger in Monaco. He can be used as an inside-left midfielder or as a forward.

Potential (0-10): 8 - At the age of 29, Nene is at the top of his game. He´s been the most influential player at Monaco and can be even more useful in a team with more global quality.
Physical description: Elegant player, 181cm, Nene uses some of his physical characteristics as a support to his more technical game. Has strength to hold defenders when in possession and speed to run away from challenges.

Technical description: His left foot is the most important part of his game. He uses it to at holding possession, creating passing solutions and delivering through balls and crosses. The ball in Nene´s left foot is always a safety for the team and a menace to the opposition.

Tactical description: Nene´s technical ability is only useful because he has good decision making. He has good off the ball movements and understands well his tactical job. Not known for his hard work, but also a player that has a good defensive attitude.

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Étienne Capoue

Name:Étienne Capoue
Team: Toulouse (France)
Birth date: 11.07.1988
Nationality: France
EU Passport: Yes
End of Contract: 06.2014
Estimated Yearly Wage: 800.000 €
Estimated Market Value: 10.000.000 €

Position: Defensive Midfielder - Capoue plays as first man in front of 4 men defensive line. He plays a positional role, but his dynamic determines that he can be seen in very different places during a match.

Potential (0-10): 9 - Capoue already plays at very high level and would easily fit in most of top European teams. He’s got some tactical and decisional development to do and if he finds the right path it’s not hard to imagine him at a top club at some point in his career.

Physical description: He’s a tall player(1,89m), but his great physical attributes rely on the quickness of his movements and on the way he places his body well at every challenge. Of course, being a tall player helps him in areal challenges, also important in his role.

Technical description: Capoue maybe mostly a working player, but his technical level is very high as well. Very good at keeping and hiding the ball and also with good passing accuracy.

Tactical description: Capoue is a team player and understands well the importance of his role in the team’s balance. Defensively, the problems he feels come mostly from moments where the team finds itself too stretched in the field. In this area of the game, he would easily fit at wherever tactical model and would certainly benefit a lot with team improvements. Probably the area where he most needs to develop it’s his passing decisions. Not that he makes a lot of mistakes during a game, but he sometimes trusts too much his good passing quality and plays long too often. Here again, it’s likely that his improvement comes fast in this area as well, provided a better tactical model.

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Eden Hazard

Name:Eden Hazard
Team: Lille (France)
Birth date: 07.01.1991
Nationality: Belgium
EU Passport: Yes
End of Contract: 06.2014
Estimated Yearly Wage: 800.000 €
Estimated Market Value: 17.000.000 €

Position: Winger - Hazard plays as a winger, being able to do it both on the right or on the left. Due to his age and potential it’s possible for him to develop in other more inside positions. This is unlikely though.

Potential (0-10): 10 - It is already a huge surprise to see a player of this age performing at such high level. It will depend on many factors, but it’s hard to find a player with this kind of potential in the world, so it’s not absurd thinking that Hazard can be one of the best of his time.

Physical description: Small (1,70m), quick player. Has very quick short movements and good acceleration, making it easier to get away from defenders. He’s still very young though, and if continues improving he can became a very hard player to stop.

Technical description: Excellent technical ability, being a good free kick taker, passer, dribler and finisher. To this he adds the ability to play well with both his feet.

Tactical description: Hazard is a natural, physical and technical talent, but what makes him so special is the playing culture he shows for his age. His decision making and movement are very good and exceptionally developed for his age. With playing experience, he can only become better in this area and it’s only a matter of waiting to see what happens to other areas of his game to find out if Hazard can become the star he seems to be destined to be.

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Luiz Suarez

Name:Luiz Suarez
Team: Ajax (Holland)
Birth date: 24.01.1987
Nationality: Uruguay
EU Passport: No
End of Contract: 06.2013
Estimated Yearly Wage: 3.000.000 €
Estimated Market Value: 25.000.000 €

Position: Forward/Winger - Suarez can play either as central forward or as a winger, preferably in a 3 front men system. He can play as a more fixed striker but his profile advises to use him in a more mobile role. When playing as a winger, he’s stronger in the right.

Potential (0-10): 9 - Suarez is a mature player and at his level he can aspire to play in any team in the World. A move to a more competitive league would be an important test and also an important opportunity to keep developing as a player.

Physical description: His quality comes from his technical skills and playing intelligence, not from his physical attributes. Physically, he’s a regular player, with very good acceleration, strength and agility. 1,81m.

Technical description: He’s specially strong when executing with his right foot. The precision of his finishing and crossing, as well as the first touch are the great strengths of his game. He can also use the left foot.

Tactical description: Being a technically gifted player, Suarez’s level is only possible by the intelligence of his decision making and movement. Even not playing in central positions, Suarez is a highly regular goal scorer. This is not only due to his quality finishing but mostly to his good inside movements. When playing further away from finishing positions, Suarez distinguishes himself by the quickness of his thinking, making many 1 touch appearances in the game. Also to mention are his movements on the right, where he can be very dangerous hiding the ball from defenders and putting in very dangerous crosses.
In defensive moments, Suarez shows good attitude but he can work on his aggressiveness in pressing situations.

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Diego Biseswar

Name:Diego Biseswar
Team: Feyenoord (Holland)
Birth date: 08.03.1988
Nationality: Holland
EU Passport: Yes
End of Contract: 06.2012
Estimated Yearly Wage: 800.000 €
Estimated Market Value: 5.000.000 €

Position: Winger - Biseswar can play either side, normally as a winger in 3 front men system. He has played in more free role in a 2 men front system and can also player as a wing midfielder.

Potential (0-10): 8 - Biseswar has some rare qualities that could make him a very good prospect for the future. For him ever to reach that level it would take some development in his tactical capacity.

Physical description: Small (1,73m), strong player. Biseswar has small quick legs that provide him fast acceleration movements, important to get away from defenders. Also to mention is his capacity to use his body to protect the ball from opposition.

Technical description: The most impressive aspect of Biseswar is his capacity to use his both feet with enormous quality. His shooting and crossing are a menace from almost anywhere and it is not easy to find another player with this capacity in the world. Apart from this, he’s also a very strong player at holding the ball in more inside positions, being a strong player in possession situations.

Tactical description: Biseswar likes to stay wide and if possible drop to the midfield, trying to get the ball to his feet and almost never in the space. This way of playing, and despite his qualities, limit the level of his game. Biseswar needs to improve his off the ball movements in order to become a less predictable player. If he does so, he can become a top player, if he doesn’t he will never get much better than the level he is now.
In defensive situations, Biseswar is not a very strong player but he is a useful one, maintaining a fair attitude towards defensive situations.

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