Friday, 12 November 2010

Giovanni Moreno

Name:Giovanni Moreno
Team: Racing (Argentina)
Birth date: 01.07.1986
Nationality: Colombia
EU Passport: No
End of Contract: 06.2015
Estimated Yearly Wage: 250.000 €
Estimated Market Value: 5.000.000 €

Position: Offensive Midfielder/Forward - Giovanni plays regularly as a linking player between the midfield and the forwards in a 4-3-1-2 system. He can also be used as a left midfielder in a flat 4-4-2, or as a forward.

Potential (0-10): 9 - Moreno is a tremendous talent, but a rare one too. To find a spot in a more competitive European league he needs to make some tactical adaptations. The biggest risk is the time, as Moreno was only 24 when he left Colombian football to play in Argentina.

Physical description: Much of his unusual profile comes from his physical attributes. He’s a thin and very tall player (1,93m). This is much more common in centre forwards than in creative players, but Moreno makes good use of his long legs to keep the ball away from opponents. His height can also be a useful resource to a more direct ball approach. He is not a very fast player.
Technical description: Left footed and extremely gifted player. It’s Very hard to take the ball away from him, as he combines his physical qualities with an unusual ball control. He’s also a threat for his shots, both from open play or free kicks.

Tactical description: Giovanni has good movement off the ball, both dropping to collect the ball and going forward to finishing positions. His decision making is also usually good and every time the ball reaches his feet, something can be expected from him. His main problem is that the position where he usually plays hardly exists in European football and if he’s to make a further step in his career, he needs to prove he can be useful also when the team does not have the ball.


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